Why Magnetic Toys Are The Best?


               Magnetix Toys Are The Best

Long rides can be boring if you have nothing to do. While burying your head inside a book might be a good option, a true hobby should include some work that involves your brain and your hands. Bucky balls are the best option that fits the bill. The pack contains 216 industrial grade neodymium magnets that clump together to form interesting patterns.

You do not need an instruction set with these toys. Consider them similar to the lego bricks which you can use to form any magnetix structure you can think of. A hybrid of lego bricks and play-doh, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to creating magnetix patterns using your hands. The sky is the limit and your imagination is the only thing that stands in your way in creating a unique pattern.

If you are still not convinced, look through various bucky ball related websites to witness some of the really complex designs that people have made. Intricacy and complexity is compounded by the fact that like poles in magnets repels each other, so you will really have to work hard to achieve a balance.

Keep in mind that magnetix toys are meant for adults alone. The toy contains miniscule set of magnets that are a swallow hazard. Do not keep these toys in a place that is easily accessible by children or pets. Magnetic balls can be fatal if ingested and will need a major surgery to remove. If you swallow multiple magnets, they may perforate your intestines because of the attractive force between them.

Do not let the size of the balls bother you. Good quality bucky balls are made from extremely sturdy neodymium alloy that can take a beating. They will not crumble or lose their magnetic strength due to physical force applied by your hands.

Stress Toy

                  Magnetix Configurations

There are many ways by which you can use the magnetix toys. From creating intricate designs when you are bored, to solving various different puzzles, to using them as stress toy, there are no limitations to how you can use it. Ever since its release in the market, users have found various different uses for the magnetix toys. Some science students even use them as a study aid, using them to recreate different chemical configurations. Klikyballs are among the most popular brands of these magnetic toys.

In addition to the varied uses, this can be used as a cool desktop toy that you can keep on your desk as a decorative item. Get used to being engrossed for hours on end when you start playing with magnetix toys!

Construction Toys Made From Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnet

              Neodymium Alloy

Neodymium magnet is an alloy of iron, boron and neodymium. This alloy makes the toughest rare earth metal that is used in making many useful things for us. They are also used in making different toys with neodymium magnet balls. With this rare earth material, construction toys are made, which makes them exceptionally powerful. One such construction toy is the Klikyballs.

A set of Klikyballs consists of 216 spheres made from neodymium magnet balls, which allow us to make different structures. There is no limit on the number of structures you make with Klikyballs. Various shapes like the pyramid, cube, spheres, hexagon, pentagon and many more can be created with the help of the spherical balls made form neodymium magnet balls. You will be very delighted to see the different structures that you can make with Klikyballs.

You can play with your kids by helping them make different two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. This is the best toy to play with during your free time. When you play you are not simply spending your time, you are also enhancing the creativity and logical reasoning skills in you. Since the construction toy is made of neodymium magnet, it poses magnetic properties. One of the poles is called the North Pole while the other is called the South Pole.

As the toy is made with neodymium magnet, it is strong enough to stick to the other pieces when you construct different structures. They can also be used as fridge magnets to hold your favorite pictures or your favorite recipe. You can make different attractive jewelry with these construction toys such as bracelets. You can make many such attractive decorative with Klikyballs.

Construction Toys

               Neodymium Spheres

Klikyballs are available for a price of 29.99 dollars with various offers to go along with it. The best part is that they come in different colors to add more fun. Some of the colors available are yellow, green, blue, black, golden and silver. Get two or more packs of different colors to make play time all the more fun.

It is the best way to train the brain with the help of Klikyballs. They have the ability to train both the sides of the brain simultaneously. Each part of the brain has different functions. The left-brain functions with the language skills, logical thinking, and many more while the right brain deals with emotions, facial recognition and many more. Hence, these wonderful construction toys made from neodymium magnet balls are the best toys to play with.

Magnetix Used For Constructing Different Structures


         Magnetix Are Magnetic Toys

A set of buckyballs consists of 216 magnetic spheres with a diameter of 5mm. They are made of strong rare earth magnets and hence they have the polarities, North Pole and South Pole. The buckyballs are great magnetix that is becoming popular among people as a fun way to spend some leisure time.

The buckyballs are a type of magnetix used for constructing different structures. You would not find a better toy to play with while you are travelling long distances. The toys are the best stress buster as it shifts your mood instantly. The magnetix is also implemented as an educational toy to help the students learn the concept of math and geometry better.

The magnetix relieves stress by indulging you in making different shapes and structures with them. Your mood would lighten up and become better as you make different structures out of the buckyballs set. The power of the magnetic toys is so much that you would find it difficult to get rid of the obsession. It is a good idea to have a pack with you always because you never know when it would come handy.

It is a good desktoy, which helps you with the pressure experienced while working. Would it not be a great idea to spend some quality time with the colleagues in the office making different structures with these magnetix? By this, you can build a better relationship with the colleagues that would eventually increase the productivity of the team.

The different designs and shapes that you can make out of these buckyballs is endless. It is not only two-dimensional structures that you can make but also three-dimensional structures. It would be a fun toy for grown up kids. If it is a small kid, let him play under your supervision. They would love to create and display all those different structures made with these magnetic balls.

Magnetic Spheres

Magnetix Serve Educational Purposes


The Klikyballs are a type buckyballs made of magnetic spheres that stick together. This lets the person playing with the magnetix to mold, make and break designs. You would not put this toy down, as you will be completely involved playing with the toy. It is one of the best sellers of all time.

Finally, you have a toy to fidget with when you are travelling to a distant place. You can have unlimited fun with the unlimited number of shapes and structures that you can make out of it.

Hours Of Never Ending Fun With The Buckyballs

Buckeye Balls

                Buckeye Balls For Entertainment

Get to know about the coolest magnetic toys that can give you never ending fun. They are the buckeye balls, which lets you create great shapes and structures. You would never feel bored playing with these toys, since you cannot help with the obsession. Buckeye balls are made of strong rare earth magnets and hence they stick together to make great patterns.

Each buckeye balls set consist of 216 magnetic spheres. Each of these magnets has enough power to hold on to the other bunch of magnetic balls. Buckeye balls have two poles namely the North Pole and the South Pole. One of the sides of the buckeye ball attracts while the other side repels.

Begin by making simple designs like a cube, pyramid, spheres or simply connect a few buckeye balls into a chain. You can make pretty jewelry out of these magnetic balls. Then you can move on to making designs like hexagon, pentagon, etc. You will be able to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional patterns with these balls.

Since there are various colors to choose from, it would be fun to have more than one set of buckeye balls to make colorful patterns. As these magnetic spheres help us create shapes, the teachers can use buckyballs while teaching math and geometry to students. A colorful representation of what they learn always amuses a student and helps in understanding the concept better. These toys are great even to explain the chemical structure of compounds and elements. They would help us understand the way in which reactions take place.

Magnetic Spheres

                     Pastime With Buckeye Balls


Klikyballs are made of strong neodymium magnets and hence possess magnetic properties, with one side repelling and the other side attracting. You can snap, squeeze, mold and break any shape with these wonderful Buckeye balls. You do not require any special instruction as it is very simple to play with the toy and make manifold shapes with them.

Once you start playing with Klikyballs, you would feel fresh and lively. You will have tons of fun and will never feel bored at all. As it elevates the mood, this is the best toy to engage with when you are feeling low. Klikyballs is the type of toy that adults would to love to play with. Finally, you have something to fidget with while travelling long distances. You would not find a better desktoy at a more affordable price!

Relevance Of Effective Stress Management Techniques


                          Buckyball Magnets

Nowadays, you will find hardly anyone who’s not wound up by stress. The fast-paced lifestyle and hectic work schedule makes almost everyone stressed out. This itself explains the relevance of resorting to effective stress management techniques in order to get relieved. Of late, a construction toy by the name buckyball has been becoming quite a rage among people, due to its stress-alleviating qualities.

Buckyballs or buckyball magnets are made of neodymium, which is a rare-earth magnet. Using these construction toys, you can make countless numbers of shapes and patterns. These can range from simple polygonal shapes to complex configurations. Knowing the fact that you are able to make such shapes can itself leave you a lot happier. At first, you can try making simple shapes such as triangles and as you become experienced with using the buckyball magnets, you can go for more complex structures. One of the best aspects of buckyballs is that you can also use the shapes you have created as desktop novelty at your office and home. In a way, this will make others notice your artistic skills and appreciate you for the same.

Coming to the stress-alleviating aspects of buckyballs, it is found that these magnets have amazing healing properties. If you’re not in the mood to use the buckyball magnets to make shapes, you can grab some and try squeezing them in your palm. Mashing these imparts a soothing effect to your body, which in turn will leave you a lot relieved than before. Buckyballs are also used for educational purposes. For example, making shapes that resemble the structures in geometry can help your high-school going children and students learn the subject more easily. In fact, it is even practiced in some of the schools.

Magnetic Property

                               Buckyball Features


KlikyBalls are the best and highest quality buckyball magnets that you can buy. In a pack, you will get 216 of them, using which you can make umpteen numbers of shapes. The strong force of attraction between each buckyball here ensures that the patterns you create never break away. The sets of KlikyBalls come in different colors such as Gold, Silver, Blue, Red and Green. Although KlikyBalls can be well used for educational purposes, it is strictly recommended to keep these magnets beyond the reach of toddlers in your house.

You may find numerous such toys available in the market that may bear the name of KlikyBalls and claim to have the magnetic property on par with that of this product. So, make sure that you buy the original KlikyBalls.

Bucky Balls Magnetic Toys As The Source Of Unlimited Fun

Bucky Balls

             Compact Bucky Balls

Stress is always an unwelcome but unavoidable factor during our office hours. This is especially why we require an instant stress buster. It is good to know that bucky balls is one of the best desktop toys that are available nowadays. The cute and compact bucky balls prove to be the best stress reliever that can always come handy. It is quite interesting to know that bucky balls can be molded into numerous shapes. Read along to know more about the fun and benefits of playing with bucky balls.

Instant stress buster

The compact magnetic balls are ideal to use during your office hours. At the end of every design you create, there will be another fascinating pattern. This is why you can never get bored or tired when you play with bucky balls. Your creativity and imagination will soar to stupendous heights while you use bucky balls. Magnets have great healing properties when they are brought into close contact with our body. Medical reports reveal that ailments like arthritis can be healed when you use magnets. This is indeed an added advantage of using the unique magnetic toys when you are stressed out.

The magnetic toys are a real source of unlimited fun. You can use a set of bucky balls to eliminate your stress and the activity will divert your mind and make you happy. It is found that these magnetic spheres can make your study sessions much fun and stress-free. This is why college going students find these magnetic balls very useful. They can use it to form shapes of several chemical compounds and aerodynamic structures. Learning chemistry and physics is much easier and enjoyable when you use bucky balls.


            Magnetic Bucky Balls

The cute set of magnetic balls comes in a wide range of colors. They are available in dazzling blue, striking red and golden colors. There are these special editions of rainbow and silver colors that can be a treat for your eyes.


KlikyBalls are one of the best desktop toys that you can use to relieve stress. You can use a pack of KlikyBalls whenever you feel stressed out during your office hours. KlikyBalls are also ideal to use when you feel grumpy while you are stuck in traffic. You can use them to decorate your office walls and office desk. Get a pack of KlikyBalls at the earliest. Forget about stress and make your office hours more productive and much enjoyable!

Bucky Balls- The Most Interesting Desktoy

Bucky Balls

                   Bucky Balls Toy

Bucky balls is a type of magnetic toy that is replacing many of the office toys that are available today. This is the new trendsetter in the world of desk toys as it can offer the users unlimited hours of fun. Bucky balls can be used in office, home or any place that you can think of. Playing with these magnetic balls is funny, tricky and it is also the best mind-molding toy. Bucky balls toys give very good exercise to the brain of the user and it is the apt toy for kids to enhance their creativity.

Bucky balls is a set of strong Neodymium magnets that can attract each other very strongly. It is very much entertaining to play with these balls as they can be embodied to form different shapes like stars, cones, spheres, cubes, or any shape that you can think of. These balls can attract each other so strongly that it is hard to tear them apart.

They can be used to hold objects to your refrigerator, to hold pieces of paper or photos or anything that a strong magnet can do. Bucky balls are available in different colors. Gold, Black and silver are the classic colors; and they are also available in colors like purple, blue and many other unique tint and shades. These balls are available in two kinds of packs. Full size pack has 216 magnetic balls in it and the sidekick pack has 125 balls in it. Bucky balls have many benefits. Some of them benefits are explained below.

Mind Tricking

Playing with these magnetic balls provides very good exercise to the brain. These balls will make you think of shapes of objects and will inspire you to find out new three-dimensional and two-dimensional objects.

Full Activity Toy

Mind-Molding Toy

                           Bucky Ball Toys

This toy provides very good activity to the user. As you may have heard, “an idle mind is devil’s workshop” and Buckyballs will help you keep the devil away from your mind. These are some of the benefits of playing with Bucky balls.

Kliky Balls

Kliky balls is a type of Bucky balls. This is the bestselling brand of magnetic toy that is available in the market. Kliky balls are available in three different colors- Gold, Silver, and Black. This is the ideal desk toy that can help you get rid of stress and frustration in your office. Kliky balls can be ordered online.

Go ahead and place an order for Kliky balls to get rid of stress and frustrations at home or office. Order now!

Help Children Learn With Buckyballs

Science Kit

                 Choose Science Kit Toy

No matter how busy we are, our minds will always long to have a break that can refresh our body and soul. Concentrating excessively in your work can be hectic, as stressful thoughts will keep bothering you. It is always better to seek freedom from such thoughts using an effective stress relief tool.

When adults bother more about stress related issues, youngsters would be bothered about a suitable science kit that could assist them in their projects. You can purchase KlikyBalls that could be ideal for both these groups. Being magnetic balls, made of strong neodymium magnets, buckyballs serve both as stress reliever tools as well as science kit toys.

When used as a stress reliever tool, bucky balls with its two poles help the user to focus on creating structures and models. Thus, you get distracted completely from the stressful thoughts that have been tormenting you. Thus, buckyballs act perfect stress reliever tools.

The fact that you can use buckyballs for critical thinking makes it a perfect science kit toy. Creating different structures and models using it will help to enhance your cognitive abilities. Youngsters can create attractive structures and shapes for various purposes like for accomplishing their science or math projects, for making decorative items and so on. Thus, while using it as a multipurpose toy, you will explore the wide range of activities that can be explored using this science kit toy.

KlikyBalls is the best brand of bucky balls that is now available. The spherical shiny structures are always admirable and stacking 216 of such small balls will help you to create a desktop novelty. You will start admiring the possible shapes you can create using these strong magnetic balls. Even though there are various manufacturers creating buckyballs, KlikyBalls is the most attractive and long lasting one among them.

Strong Neodymium Magnets

                         Select Science Kit


KlikyBalls are strong spherically smooth magnets with two poles. These rare earth magnets possess positive and negative poles. Based on the laws of magnetism, one pole attracts and the other repels. Often, it is difficult to judge the poles by just looking at them, and stacking these magnetic balls will help you to identify them better. Once you start stacking these magnetic balls, identify yourself being more engaged in the process and getting relieved from stress. A once in a lifetime science kit, KlikyBalls can make a perfect gift for your dear ones. Available in six different shades, KlikyBalls can adore your living room by combining your creative ideas.

KlikyBalls come with varying offers and cost only 29.99 dollars. Grab these science kit toys at the earliest! Order right away!

Enhance Your Creative Skills Using Buckyballs

Stress Balls

                      Purchase Stress Balls

Are you ashamed to play with toys? Well, a large number of people consider that toys are just meant for kids. If that is the reason for your reluctance, are you ready to play with a toy meant for adults? You may wonder are there really toys for adults. Yes! Toys offer fun and fun elements can definitely alleviate stress and work pressure. You would be suffering from severe work pressure and stress and this could affect your health adversely. If you are wishing for a relief, it is better to start with stress balls that could keep you stress-free.

What are stress balls?

Stress balls are small magnetic balls that have a spherical structure. These balls are made of rare earth magnets and are quite tiny. They possess two poles, one is the positive pole, and the other is the negative pole. One pole attracts and the other pole repels. You can keep this fact in mind while using these stress balls or buckyballs. Buckyballs can be stacked in such a way to create several attractive shapes and forms. These forms can be made creatively and thus you can definitely enhance your creative skills.

You can make different shapes like geometrical shapes, shapes of flowers, objects or anything that you see around. Stress balls can help you concentrate in them and you will forget about anything that might be worrying you. Thus, you could reduce tension and stress. You can make small spheres, rectangles, cuboids, pentagon, hexagon and other different shapes using stress balls. Stress balls or buckyballs are easy to use to make designs and the designs can be crushed easily too.

Work Pressure

                             Buy Stress Balls

One of the major advantages of stress balls is that you can be your own tutor as you need not follow any set of instructions for making structures using these balls.


KlikyBalls are the best of buckyballs available nowadays. They come in black, gold and silver editions. KlikyBalls are made of rare earth neodymium magnets. They are smooth spherical magnetic balls that come as 216 balls in a set. You can depend on them while learning science subjects, engineering and mathematics. Thus, they can be considered as a tool that is helpful in studies, in addition to helping with having fun. You can even gift KlikyBalls to your dear ones.

KlikyBalls cost only 29.99 dollars plus 5.95 dollars in shipping and handling charges. You just need to pay 5 dollars to have the black or silver editions.

Alleviate Your Stress Related Issues With KlikyBalls

Science Toys

            Features Of Science Toys

Majority of you might have experienced work related pressure, no matter how good you are at your profession. Work related pressure is seen in almost all sectors. Now, the most important negative after effect of work related pressure is that most often this causes strains in relationship with your partner too. You might get angry or annoyed quickly for silly reasons and this could badly affect relationships.

There are many techniques to gain relief from work pressure. One of the most common and widely accepted techniques is to engage in an activity, which relaxes your mind and makes you forget about the stressful things in the office. One of the methods is to purchase a puzzle or a geek toy. By devoting your time for finding out the solution to the puzzle, you will feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable. However, there is a drawback of puzzles. Most puzzles will have only a single solution. This means, once you find the solution, you can easily solve the puzzle the next time you start working with it. By this, you will soon lose the interest in it and the issues of stress could soon return to you.

Magnetic Balls

                    Best Science Toys

Another remedy to fight stress is science toys. The use of science toys can also be considered as an effective solution for fighting stress. However, majority of the science toys in the market are costly. You will have to shell out hundreds of dollars for purchasing a science toy. There is also no guarantee about the durability of these toys. They could be damaged in due course of time. Now, not all the science toys are damaged quickly. One of the exceptions is Klikyballs. Klikyballs are science toys, which makes use of magnetic properties. Klikyballs package has 216 magnetic balls and the magnetic properties of these balls can be used to arrange them in different shapes and sizes.

These science toys never cause boredom to the user. This is because you can try out a new figure or shape each time you take Klikyballs in your hands. One of the advantages of Klikyballs over other science toys is that they last for many years without damages. All you need to do is store them safely once you finish working with them.

Klikyballs are much cheaper compared to other science toys. The price of each Klikyballs package is 29.99 dollars.